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Give Today! Inspire Vision & Ignite Transformation!
This is why we are so passionate about the vision. Imagine one million people who decide not to give up, decide to press on because they’ve been energized, inspired and equipped for their calling.




Account: Willow Creek Ministries
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051001

Global Leadership Development Fund
Account No: 205 659 160


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Inspire Vision & Ignite Transformation Globally

We are so grateful that you are a part of a community of leaders who seek to bring transformation to our world. You are the real heroes who give us reason to host The Global Leadership Summit each year.

The ministry continues to have an impact globally, witnessed in the outcome of what you and others do through your influence.

With your help, we can inspire vision and ignite transformation globally to reach more than 1,000,000 people by 2025.

Would you prayerfully consider a donation to the Global Leadership Development Fund?

When you give, your gift will be used to provide leaders in under-resourced regions access to the skills, inspiration and encouragement they hunger for to help them transform their churches, communities and cities. When we all lead well, we can be a formidable force for good and a beacon of light that moves searching hearts to find Christ.

All funds donated in South Africa remain in country.

Your gift will:

  • Strengthen churches, families and businesses
  • Provide solutions to poverty, injustice and corruption
  • Increase unity, evangelism and hope
  • Encourage, equip and inspire Christian influencers globally

Why are we so Passionate about the Vision?

Albert Tate

This is Why


Craig Groeschel

This is Why


Tom De Vries

This is Why



Watch these three powerful stories and discover the impact of your prayer and financial support across the globe through The Global Leadership Summit.

Every gift matters!

100 Million Lives Transformed

The  vision  of the Global Leadership Network  is to reach  1  million  people  who will use  their influence for good  and then  in turn  transform the lives of 100 million more.

  • What if there were GLS events  everywhere—from churches, businesses and  community centers,  to  schools,  prisons and homeless shelters—in every city, in every country?
  • What if there were  hundreds of thousands  more people —including youth— engaging with the Summit whenever, however and wherever it makes the most sense for them?
  • What if we reached people  in every language  here in the U.S. and around the world so that folks can experience these powerful leadership insights in their own language?

New growth is going to require an all-out effort from all of us—it also requires  equipment, technology,  volunteers,  staff  and additional  resources.  This  is where you come in. Will you join us to  become part of the unfolding story  to reach  a million people with world-class leadership development tools  and encouragement? Your gift of  any size  makes all the difference. Every penny matters.

Vision + Mission + Opportunity

Leadership  Changes Everything

Everything rises and falls with leadership. Great leaders bring out the best in us.  But  sadly, the opposite is also true. Poor leaders can destroy potential and livelihoods.

But there is a solution. If we truly believe leadership changes everything, we  better get busy!  Transformed people transforming others, using their influence and leadership for good, is the way we’re going to see change ripple out across  the world—starting in our homes, then in our churches, businesses, governments, schools, hospitals, prisons, communities and our countries.  Will you join us on this journey?